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Humidifier Bottle Small Assembly - Used for Emerson/Liebert PEX Series Air Conditioner

Small humidifier bottle assembly, include 2 W-shape metal electrodes covered with zinc, preinstalled insulators and water level sensor, packed with accessories.

This bottle is recommended for Liebert/Emerson 1 bay and 2 bay Computer Room Air Conditioners.

For SA and WA customers, high conductivity electrodes - Square shaped is highly recommended to extend the long span of the humidifier bottles due to the water quality in the area.

Please refer to document below for installation instructions.

Recommend replacement of every 12 months to ensure the humidity runs normal for the computer room. Please contact us if you are not sure if this is the right model for your CRAC units.

Suggested replacement of humidifier tray 120283.

Download replacement instructions here

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