Technical Information of Our Products | Pex Parts

1. iCOM Controller for Emerson / Vertiv units:

  • The precision air indoor units controller which trademarked as iCOM controller have different hardware and software types for different built of products.
  • iCOM controller are fitting in EMEA, CRV, DSE, HPM & PDX and Air Handling units across Australia and NZ.
  • The iCOM controllers have different software versions based on the manufacturing dates and the iCOM controller software have undergone continual updates throughout the development.
  • Installation sites that have multiple precision air indoor units would most likely have the units networked together for control purpose, such as for duty/standby operation. When replacing an iCOM controller, it is imperative that the software type and version should be the same. This is in addition to the unit’s network parameters that needed to be set up in order for the network to function when an iCOM I/O board is replaced.
  • The controller iCOM board has older and newer versions. The earlier software versions which were loaded in the older boards are not compatible with the newer version of the iCOM boards. This is the same for either the iCOM I/O board or the iCOM large display.
  • It’s very important to differentiate the old and the new when replacing the board. It is recommended that a photo is taken to show the clear detail of the faulty board when requesting for a quote. Which software version is required is also important to be noted in the meantime.

 2. Fan motors for PEC and PEX models:

  • The old PEC or PEX CRAC units would normally be fitted with belt-driven forward curve fans in which the induction motor of the fan is in LS90 frame, either a 2.2kW or a 3.0kW motor. However the LS90 frame is no longer available in the market as it does not meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards(MEPS) requirement which was introduced in Australia in around 2001. The LS90 frame motor has been superseded by LS100 frame motor with a motor shaft diameter of 28mm while the former is 25mm only. It is therefore the pulley bush is required to be replaced at the same time when replacing the motor. Some older LS90 frame motors may have different mounting dimensions in comparison with the LS100.

3. EC fans for GPEX models:

  • Newer precision air units would normally be fitted with the EC backward plug fans. The fans of different manufacturers such as EBM and Ziehl-Abegg have different mounting dimensions, heights and diameters for fitting into the unit, in which also have the matching inlet ring fitted, and hence they are generally not interchangeable. Some fans with the same brand may have identical fan dimensions but consist of different motor sizes, such as a 2.3kW or a 3.1kW. In some models, they may be fitted with 2 or more fans running in parallel, and under that circumstances that it is not advisable to fit a different capacity of fan if the 2.3kW type fan had been discontinued and been made no longer available.
  • In the precision air units in which the EC backward plug fans are fitted, the controller of the unit would generally have the adjustment feature for setting up the maximum fan speed limit, modulation percentage and few other associated parameters to suit its application. Hence it is important to be aware that such setups are required when replacing a faulty controller.

 4. Vertiv / Emerson LSF condensers

  • The Emerson / Vertiv old generation air-cooled condensers CS, LS and certain LSF series are fitted with single-phase fan type from which the fan speed controller (FSC) as fitted may have ceased production, please provide model number of the condenser when requesting quote for FSC.
  • The Emerson/Vertiv single-phase air-cooled condensers have been discontinued for production. The new ones are three-phase and thus are not a readily drop-in replaceable option unless upgrading of the electrical supplies to the unit is possible. The footprint may vary as well.
  • The up-to-date LSF three-phase air-cooled condenser models consist of two different sizes of fan which vary in fan diameter apart from varying in the fan capacity. The fan speed controller has new version. 

5. Humidifier bottles for PEC / PEX

  • The steam humidifier bottles that have been fitted in the Emerson / Vertiv old versions of the precision air units come with either a three-electrode or a two-electrode setup to suit for different unit models. It is therefore important to be aware the correct type is required when ordering a replacement. If CEMS 100 display board is replaced, setting up of the humidifier current is required.


  • Some Emerson / Vertiv units are fitted with Carel humidifier bottles in conjunction with its controller, which the earlier version has been superseded and is no longer available from the manufacturer. The new one comes in plastic housing which will require programming or set up in order for it to work with the unit. The mounting and connections are different as well.
  • When replacing Carel humidifier bottles, please specify the model of the units or the model of the bottles.

 6. Infrared humidifier parts for GPEX:

  • There are two IR humidifier sizes as fitted in GPEX model range which the Large IR humidifier is fitted in units with 2 or 3 evaporator fans whereas the Small IR humidifier is fitted in units with 1 evaporator fan.
  • Some earlier GPEX units were manufactured in Australia and later were manufactured in China. Certain parts of the IR humidifier assembly may vary due to the difference in the manufacturing.
  • When handling a new IR lamp, avoid touching it with bare hands. It is recommended to wear a pair of clean gloves as oil stain on the lamp can impair the lamp when in operation.
  • It is important to note the unit’s model and serial numbers when request for IR humidifier related parts.

PEX PARTS was established in 2017 and have developed throughout the past years the skill and knowledge to quickly identify the common parts that are required as replacement pertaining to the precision air processing units and the associated products, we will continue to grow our knowledge base in order to facilitate the speeding up of the spare parts transactions. However there are a lot of items out in the field which are sometime difficult to trace for their identity, and in which case it might take a little bit longer and more effort to sort it out but we will continue to be committed to offer our best services to meet your needs.