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PEX Parts is Your Source for SWEP Heat Exchanger Parts in Australia

We are proud to stock SWEP heat exchanger parts in Australia. These components are essential when maintaining the correct ambient and internal temperature in your computer rooms. Maintaining the proper temperature for your computer components will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

A Short Buyer’s Guide to SWEP Heat Exchangers

SWEP provides customers with high-quality parts to facilitate the stable and efficient operation of their computer systems.

  • With more than thirty years’ experience, SWEP designs products that focus on efficiency. Their heat exchangers improve the energy efficiency of your system and will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As consumers have focused more on the environmental impact of their choices, SWEP includes products in their range that utilise carbon-neutral refrigerants.
  • SWEP heat exchangers are versatile and can suitable as a condenser or evaporator. As a condenser, the product receives refrigerant gas from the compressor, and then transfer the heat to a water circuit. This heat is useful for residential heating or to produce hot tap water. As an evaporator, a gas or liquid cools when losing heat to the refrigerant. The refrigerant boils and converts to gas, thus engaging more energy.
  • Work with a professional to design a solution that suits your requirements. You can use SWEP products to design a custom solution for your specific application. You may want to focus this design on creating a high-performance system with low life-cycle costs to save you money.

Why PEX Parts?

 We carry a range of quality and critical parts for computer room equipment and backup power systems. In addition to being the only supplier of SWEP heat exchangers, our parts inventory includes brands such as Emerson, Liebert, Atlas, PEX, GPEX, and Hiross. Our professional staff are always willing to respond to your enquiries about any of the products we carry.

 Contact us to discuss how we can provide you with the parts you require.

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